27 July 2017

Changes to our Standards of Education and Training

Policy Officer Hollie French breaks down the newly released revised Standards of Education and Training and Guidance, highlighting additions and changes.

Our Standards of Education and Training (SETs) are the standards against which we assess education and training programmes.  A programme which meets the SETs allows learners who successfully complete that programme to meet the standards of proficiency for their profession, and are eligible to apply to the HCPC for registration.

A number of changes and additions have been made to the SETs after consultation with key stakeholders including education providers, practice educators, HCPC visitors, professional bodies, newly qualified professionals and service users and carers.

Key changes include:

• new standards requiring interprofessional education, learner involvement and supporting learners to raise concerns;
• strengthening the link between the SETs and our Standards of conduct, performance and ethics;
• making key terminology broader, inclusive and up to date with current terminology used in the sector – for example using ‘learner’ rather than ‘student’; and ‘practice-based learning’ rather than ‘practice placement’.

Alongside the SETs we have produced detailed guidance. The guidance has been written for education providers who are or will be involved in our approval and monitoring processes, but it will also be useful for practice education providers and others who work with and alongside education providers.

We are confident that the standards are fit for purpose and reflect safe and effective professional practice and would like to thank everybody that took the time to provide us with feedback.

To see the revised SETs and access the guidance, click here: http://www.hcpc-uk.org/education/providers/setsresources/

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